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About Me

The most important thing to note from my years in coaching clients through their fitness journey is that everyone is on their own journey.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had enough of all the online training programmes and latest fad diets which bring about no consistent results. You’ve probably tried the new hack which helped your friend get in shape but it’s not working for you.

Each and every individual needs to find what works for them, what suits their lifestyle and what is sustainable for them in the long term. In order to adopt such a lifestyle, the relationship between coach and client requires trust and transparency.

I myself thoroughly enjoy weight training, and living a life full of habits which allow me to be at optimum level in all aspects. Finding the balance between work, recovery, relationships, and spirit is tough, but it is crucial if you want to live an energized life.

Mohammed Ullah - Online Coach

Online Coaching

As your Coach, it is my job to work alongside you and guide you to finding the best routines and structures, to ensure that you’re able to build a lifestyle which will keep you fit, healthy, and energised for the rest of your life.

I take a holistic approach, and make it my responsibility to help you develop a training programme, diet plan, mindset and habits that are tailored to your daily life.


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